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Tips for telling your children about your divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2020 | Divorce

Even if you and your spouse are on the same page regarding your divorce, it does not make it any easier to tell your children what’s going on. It’s never simple, but with the right plan in place, you can provide your children with a clear idea of what’s happening and what they can expect in the future.

Here are several tips you can use when having this difficult conversation:

Do it together

It may not be easy if you and your spouse are at odds but telling your children about your divorce together is the best approach. This shows them that even though things are changing, they will still be able to rely on the both of you.

Have a plan on what you want to say

Do not go into the conversation with no clue as to how you will break the news or address the concerns that are sure to come to light. You cannot plan for everything but you should prepare as much as possible.

Expect every emotion imaginable

Some children may not understand exactly what you are saying, so it’s possible they will brush it off. Others will assume the worst and begin to cry. And some children could even become angry and violent. When you expect everything, you can prepare accordingly.

Be open to questions

Let your children know that the both of you are available to answer their questions, now and in the future. In some cases, you may need to prod to get your children to open up.

Talk about the next steps

Do not spring your divorce on your children and then leave them hanging. Provide a clear idea of the next steps, to the best of your ability. You and your spouse may not know exactly what will come next but you should have an idea of where things are heading.

When you follow these tips, you will find it easier to tell your children about your divorce and provide stability in the weeks and months to come.