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Why mediation has become a popular divorce tool

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Divorce

Litigating divorce was considered an inevitable part of divorce proceedings by most people for decades. However, in recent years, more amicable divorces have become popular and common. An amicable divorce usually requires that you work constructively with your ex and set mutual expectations for your divorce.

For couples who don’t have an existing agreement about the dissolution of their marriage or for those that can’t seem to find a way to compromise with one another on their own, going through divorce mediation can be a way to settle the unresolved issues. There are a number of reasons why divorce mediation has become more popular in recent years.

Mediation gives you control

In a contested divorce, the judge will be the one who decides the terms and conditions of the divorce. In mediation, provided that you and your ex reach an agreement, you have the ultimate say in the terms of your divorce, which means that you can tailor the solutions you create to your unique family needs.

Mediation can help you keep costs low

Mediation lets you minimize the amount of time you must spend in court by letting you set the terms outside of court and simply have the courts review and approve the conditions you spent with your spouse.

Mediation is private and keeps tensions low

Choosing divorce mediation lets you keep most of those personal details out of the courts, allowing for a more private divorce. Additionally, because you don’t have to sway the other person or a third party, but rather work together to set those terms, you can even use mediation as a way to rebuild your relationship, which is important if you will soon be co-parenting together.