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Selling a home due to divorce? Here are some things to consider

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Property Division

It is common for divorcing couples to consider selling their shared home for a number of reasons, including asset division, financial stability or just making a fresh start.  As with any home sale, you want to get the best possible price. You also want to sell it reasonably quickly so you can collect your share and move on.

Details and complexity

For divorcing couples, the myriad of details and complexity inherent in selling a home together can make a fraught relationship even worse. You may find yourself unable to agree on anything – from whether to give it a fresh coat of paint before it goes on the market to what offer to accept.

Your divorce attorney may know real estate agents who have helped past clients to navigate their home sales and keep the focus on getting the best deals or help you find local divorce real estate specialists. Professionals who have the Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist designation have undergone training in handling all aspects of a home sale during divorce, including taxes and property division.

When they can, these professionals communicate separately with each spouse to streamline the sale process. However, for major issues and decisions, they may need to talk to them together.

Cooperation leads to more positive outcomes

Real estate divorce specialists work for the benefit of both spouses. However, it is commonplace for one spouse to be more engaged and cooperative with the home sale. As one divorce specialist says, “Just remember that every argument and disagreement during the divorce is costing you money. A lot of times, only one spouse is giving me 100% effort and the other party is working against us. And if one spouse is fighting the home sale every step of the way, the divorce attorney may need to get a court order to move the home sale forward — which will cost you.”

Family law attorneys typically know some real estate divorce specialists in the area. If your attorney and your spouse’s attorney have both worked with one that they trust, that person may be a good choice to help you deal with what is likely your largest joint asset.