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Divorce Arbitration

Understanding Divorce Arbitration in Wisconsin

If you and your spouse cannot seem to reach an agreement but do not want to have a lengthy and expensive trial, Burbach & Stansbury S.C. may recommend divorce arbitration. A divorce arbitration is a viable conflict resolution option for couples who want a more private proceeding despite having a contested divorce. This option, to put it simply, is a cross between mediation and litigation, wherein the proceedings are held outside of court but the final ruling is still decided by a third-party. However, instead of a judge, an arbitrator is the one who oversees the hearing and gives the final decision.

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Advantages of Divorce Arbitration

While closely similar to mediation and litigation, divorce arbitration has many other advantages that the other two dispute resolution options cannot match.

Below are some of the unique features of divorce arbitration that can be highly beneficial for many clients:

  • Flexible and informal- Divorce arbitration allows each party to explain his or her story.
  • Faster- In high conflict litigation cases, the proceeding usually takes months and even years. Divorce arbitration can expedite the process by both parties and the arbitrator setting an early date.
  • Convenient- The trial date in a litigation process is usually dependent on the judge’s schedule. In divorce arbitration, however, it takes into consideration the schedule of both parties.

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