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Traditional Divorce Litigation

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Going through a divorce can be extremely challenging. When it comes to litigating and resolving the dispute between you and your spouse, you do not have to handle it all on your own. At Burbach & Stansbury S.C., our Milwaukee divorce attorneys have 60 years of combined experience advocating for our clients in court. When you trust us to handle your divorce litigation, you get the representation of a firm that has been recognized both locally and nationally. We understand that no two divorces are the same, which is why our legal team is committed to providing each of our clients with customized legal counsel that is specific to your individual situation.

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    How Long Does Divorce Take in Wisconsin?

    This will depend on your case, but generally speaking, it may take between six months and even up to one year for a divorce to be finalized. In Wisconsin, there is a 120-day waiting period required before a divorce can be finalized. However, as mentioned previously, it will depend on the facts of your case to determine the exact timetable. At Burbach & Stansbury S.C., we are focused on ensuring your divorce is completed thoroughly and in a timely manner. At all costs, we want to help avoid lengthy court matters as much as possible, so that you can move forward.

    Grounds for Divorce

    Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state, which means spouses do not need to provide that one or the other spouse was responsible for the end of the marriage. Here are some of the considerations to make when filing for divorce.

    • You must have been a resident of Wisconsin for 6 months.
    • You should be living in the county where you are filing for divorce for at least 30 days.
    • Your petition should state whether you plan to divorce jointly or with your spouse.
    • If you are filing for divorce alone, then the divorce papers will need to be served to your spouse.
    • There is a 120-day waiting period before the divorce can be finalized.
    • Prior to the hearing when your divorce can be finalized, you can also bring forward any arrangements for temporary custody, property division, alimony, and other items.

    What Are the Divorce Laws in Wisconsin?

    The first step in traditional divorce litigation is filing the action with the court and serving it on the other party. As soon as the other party acknowledges receipt of the papers, a temporary order hearing may be requested to determine short-term solutions for living situations, active bill payments, as well as the custody and placement of the children while the divorce is ongoing. The next steps are to learn about your family, propose settlement ideas to the other party, and then draft marital settlement agreements resolving your issues. If neither of the parties is willing to settle, a trial date is scheduled. During the trial, both parties are given the chance to present their arguments through their respective attorneys in front of a judge. The judge will then review the case and give a ruling.

    Whether you have already been served papers or still contemplating your divorce options, seek legal advice from Burbach & Stansbury S.C. right away. Our Milwaukee divorce lawyers are ready to help. Call us at (414) 721-9611.