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Take Practical Steps Toward Divorce

Once you decide to get a divorce, there are a series of very practical things you can do to protect your future and set yourself up for long-term success. Every decision you make from here on out can impact your finances and your relationship with your family. This is the moment to be active and strategic.

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1. Put All Your Personal And Private Information In A Secure Place

You will need access to personal documents like your birth certificate, marriage certificate and Social Security card. If you have kept these in a family folder, you should consider making a separate folder for yourself. This should also include copies of any documents related to your children.

2. Gather All Your Financial Information

Your bank accounts, retirement accounts, home mortgage, car loans and debts are all part of your marital estate. While many people do not keep a comprehensive picture of their finances at any given point, this is incredibly important to a divorce. Not only will you be able to prioritize and negotiate better during property division, but this will also be a crucial step that can alert you to issues like hidden assets or prior unknown spending.

3. Curtail Your Social Media Use

If you talk about your marriage online or vent about your spouse on social media, those statements can quickly come back to haunt you. People have used divorce-related social media posts as evidence in property division and even to keep parents from seeing their children. Avoid talking about your divorce online and if you choose to talk about it, do so with discretion.

Contact An Attorney As Soon As You Can

The sooner you speak with a legal professional, the better prepared your team will be to enter negotiations and make the most of your situation. To talk to our experienced lawyers, reach our firm at our Milwaukee office by calling 262-257-9110 or send us an email.