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Importance of Establishing Paternity in Wisconsin

Paternity is critical in any family law proceedings. It can have a direct influence on decisions involving child custody, physical placement, and financial support. Establishing paternity also allows your child to have legal rights to financial support, benefits, inheritance, and access to the family health history of his or her biological father. At Burbach & Stansbury S.C. we have a team of first-class family law attorneys that have a proven track record of handling paternity cases.

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How Is Paternity Established in Wisconsin?

Whether you are a father who wants to have a relationship with the child you believe is yours, a mother who needs to establish paternity to help with a child custody and support agreement, or an unmarried couple who is just looking out for the future of your child, there are three options available to help you determine paternity.

In Wisconsin, paternity is established through one of three ways:

  • father holding hands with his babyCourt Ruling - When parties disagree, they can bring the case to court. The judge will likely order genetic testing to establish paternity. It will be up to the judge to help decide if either party cannot come to an agreement.
  • Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgment - If neither party contests the paternity of the father, both parents can sign a form after the baby's birth to confirm this. It does not matter if the parents are married or not. Once signed, it will allow for the father's name to be put in the child's birth certificate.
  • Acknowledgment of Marital Child - If the mother and father get married only after the child is born, both parents may sign this form to establish paternity.

When paternity is established through any of these methods, the father should be expected to child support, fulfill his duties in the custody and visitation court orders, and most importantly, establish and maintain a bond with the child.

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