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Conflict Resolution Options

There is no one way to get a divorce, but certain options might suit your needs better than others. Alternatives to litigation, include the following:

  • Collaborative divorce  When you and your spouse are willing to work together to reach an amicable agreement outside of court, this conflict resolution option may be right for you. Burbach & Stansbury has attorneys specially trained in the collaborative divorce process.
  • Divorce mediation  If you want to reach an agreement with the guidance of a neutral third party, mediation may prove to be beneficial for you. Burbach & Stansbury has attorneys specially trained in mediation to serve as a mediator for you and your spouse. We also routinely employ mediation in our own cases to reach an amicable resolution outside of court.
  • Child specialist If you have children, you and your spouse can work together with a trained therapist to come up with a parenting plan for your children. This can be a cost-beneficial or cost-neutral process, but its value lays in trusting an experienced mental health professional trained in child development to assist you in coming up with a plan.

While these are good options, these options do not work for every person.  We will meet with you to understand your needs and objectives. As your dedicated representative, we will help you determine the most appropriate path forward.

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