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Grandparent/Third Party Visitation

Helping You Maintain a Relationship with Your Grandchild - Serving Grandparents throughout Wisconsin

Parents are often given broad legal rights to determine the circumstances in which a child will spend time with other members of their family. While these rights are critical, our Milwaukee family law attorneys at Burbach & Stansbury S.C. understand that families come in all kinds of varieties. Sometimes, extended family members develop such a critical caretaker relationship with a child that removing them from the child’s life can be especially painful and damaging to be the child and the family member. Thankfully, our attorneys know that in the state of Wisconsin, certain visitation exceptions can be made for these caretakers so that they can maintain and further their relationship with the child.

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How Visitation Rights Are Granted

Whether you are a grandparent, a close relative, or a former guardian of a child, you have the right to file for visitation as long as you can demonstrate to the court that your presence in the child's life is in his/her best interests.

Other factors the court take into consideration when granting third-party visitation rights include:

  • If the third party has assumed parental responsibilities for the child prior to the filing of the petition
  • The third party is not undermining the parents' or adoptive parents' relationship with the child
  • The third party guarantees that they will not oppose the parents' or adoptive parents' decisions for the child, especially when it concerns the child's physical, emotional, education, and spiritual welfare

While the court understands that eliminating a key influencer in a child's life can have negative effects, a birth parent or adoptive parent's decision is still superior. This is why it is also important to foster a healthy relationship with the parents as well for the benefit of the child. In situations, however, wherein one or both parents of the child are deceased, a grandparent or stepparent may be granted reasonable visitation privileges.

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